Why CBD Honey Sticks Make Everything Taste Sweeter

CBD Honey Sticks were made for those of you that love to spend a little extra time in the kitchen. That’s right; this one is for our foodies out there! All-natural, delicious sticks of honey filled with CBD oil make everything taste better, and they’ll completely change the way you think about CBD (and you’ll remember from this great article just how good we are at changing the way you think about CBD oil for the better).
How CBD Oil Met Honey

But we didn’t add our industrial hemp CBD oil to honey just because it makes everything taste better. Besides being absolutely delicious, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. Honey is a natural antioxidant, which gives your immunities an extra-extra (extra!) layer of protection.

Combine this with the potential benefits of CBD oil, and you’re talking about a heck of a sweet treat. That’s what you have with our CBD Honey Sticks. In fact, our all-natural CBD Honey Sticks are the perfect on-the-go treat. They have 10 mg of CBD oil packed in each stick, and can easily and discreetly be carried with you anywhere you go.

Whether it’s a pick-me-up after your morning jog or a replacement for sugar in your tea, CBD Honey Sticks are a great way to take your daily dose of CBD oil.