CBD Honey Sticks Are Now Sweeter With All New Flavors

The sweetest CBD edibles in our lineup just became a bit sweeter with the introduction of all new flavored CBD Honey Sticks. That’s right; it’s everything you love about our CBD Honey Sticks in dozens of new flavors such as Apple, Cherry, and Pink Lemonade. The benefits of CBD oil never tasted so sweet.
The Sweetest CBD On-The-Go Treat

Our perfect on-the-go treat is now our most satisfying one as well, as we’ve added delicious flavors that you know and love to our easy-to-carry, no-hassle CBD Honey Sticks. These tasty CBD treats were already perfect for anyone who needed a boost of CBD no matter where they were in the world. After all, CBD Honey Sticks are great for a midday pick-me-up at work, as an energy booster after a quick run, or even as a sugar substitute for a nice relaxing cup of tea.

Just how convenient our CBD Honey sticks? They come in travel packs that you can pop in your purse or bag, making it so you can bring them anywhere. That’s right, whether you’re at work, on a road trip, at an all-day festival, or just out enjoying the sunshine, CBD Honey Sticks are perfect for any occasion.